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Summary of Inter Mirifica – Decree on the Means of Social Communication. By: Deacon Ed Shefffer. Inter Mirifica translated means Among the Wonderful. 22 Apr A summary of the Second Vatican Council’s Inter Mirifica. 15 Nov VATICAN CITY — Much has changed in the world of social communications since the promulgation 50 years ago of Inter Mirifica (The Means of.

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The name of the Lord will thus be glorified by these modern inventions as it was in former times by the masterpieces of art; as the apostle said: This led to Inter Mirifica mirifiac one of the most difficult conciliar documents to be approved: Still, the decree at least set the groundwork for possible future action by clarifying the lines of ecclesiastical responsibility for social communications.

First, it reminded the children of the Church, indeed all men and women, that the social means of communications are not exempt from the moral law.

Indeed, jnter Church experiences maternal grief at the harm all too often done to society by their evil use. The Council Fathers, however, willingly grant the wish of the Secretariat for the Press and Entertainments and respectfully request the Supreme Pontiff to extend the duties and competence of this office to all the media of social communications, including the press and to appoint experts to it, including laymen, from various countries.

Summary of Inter Mirifica

This aim could seem to be at odds with the notion of sectarian media, which can encourage the cultural insularity or defensiveness that the Council sought to abandon. These may be on a simple scale, as a voice for the bishop or superior to communicate, or on a grander scale, with a newspaper or magazine or even a TV or radio station.

The most important of these inventions are those media which, such as the press, movies, radio, television and the like, can, of their very nature, reach and influence, not only individuals, but the very masses and the whole of human society, and thus can rightly be called the media of social communication.


Moreover, laymen who are mirifkca in Catholic teaching and in these arts or techniques should have a role in these offices. Catholic Church Summary of Perfectae Caritatis. Further, it should be communicated honestly and properly. It is clear that a very great responsibility rests on all of these people in today’s world: For the rest, the Council is confident that all the sons of the Church will welcome the principles and regulations contained in this decree and will observe them faithfully.

Moreover, iinter Synod invites all men of good will, especially those who have charge of these media, to strive to turn them solely to the good of society, whose fate depends more and more on their proper use.

There must be real collaboration between Catholic newspapers and bloggers, so that the Catholic voice contributes not just commentary, but also original information.

Inter mirifica – Wikipedia

For not all knowledge is helpful, but “it is charity that edifies. Laymen who work professionally in these media should endeavor to bear witness to Christ: The first question has to do with “information,” as it is called, or the search for and reporting of the news.

There is surely no more certain indictment of the failure of post-Enlightenment liberalism than the spectacle of supposed sophisticates being unable to transcend their most bestial impulses.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Quite the contrary, the earlier films and magazines that worked under the code had to come up with more creative and sophisticated narratives in order to engage audiences, since many cheap, obvious sensual thrills were not available for use.


But the Church also knows that man can use them in ways that are contrary to the Creator’s design and damaging to himself. New Media at the Service of the Word” to priests for the 44th World Communications Day 16 MayPope Benedict XVI called for them to become digital citizens and engage with the information societysaying, “Priests stand at the threshold of a new era: They should take appropriate steps kirifica direct and form their consciences so that they may more readily resist less wholesome influences and profit more fully from the good.

Thomas Aquinas, the Angelicum, in Jnter. The Church in itself, its sole salvific role as the one, true and complete Christian faithalso in relation to ecumenism among other religions, in relation to the modern world, renewal of consecrated life, liturgical disciplines, etc. It should guarantee to those who use the media the free exercise of their mriifica rights. Documents of the Second Vatican Council documents in Christianity.


Given the domination of film and television by media conglomerates indifferent or hostile to Catholic mirific, the Internet arguably offers the most fruitful medium for the dissemination of sound Catholic culture, since it enables two-way interaction in self-selecting communities defined by ideas rather than geography.

The promulgation of the Conciliar Decree, Inter Mirifica

What is my tone, attitude, approach? This Sacred Synod shares the solicitude of popes and bishops in a matter of such importance and feels that it is its duty to treat of the main problems posed by the means of social communication.

If news or facts and happenings are communicated publicly and without delay, every individual will have permanent access to sufficient information and thus will be enabled to contribute effectively to the common good. With the rise of the Internet as a primary medium of disseminating and discussing news, as well as the mirivica and sciences, there is now vast potential for lay Catholics to take some initiative in the work of media coordination that until now has been insufficiently attended by the hierarchy.

Between andthe Commission was to prepare a schema consisting of paragraphs, all of which received the approval of Pope John XXIII, and thus formed a document which was subsequently included within the Acts of the Mirifoca.

In later sessions, the Council developed a more coherent voice on ecclesiology, encouraging an opening to the world and collaboration with non-Catholics. The first draft Schema of a constitution on the Means of Social Communicationscombined with the inrer six, were made into one volume by July A properly motivated selectivity would be wholly in favor of whatever excels in virtue, culture and art.