30 May After the Second World War, the Allies betrayed their own civilizing values – the Atlantic Charter, the Four Freedoms, and the Geneva. 9 Aug Other Losses caused an international scandal when first published in by revealing that Allied Supreme Commander Dwight Eisenhower’s. Other Losses has 68 ratings and 8 reviews. Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of James Bacque. Other.

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That a victor was able to hide and still continues to deny the savage treatment of German soldiers and civilians after winning WWII is a horrendous example of too much power placed into the hands of willful and bbacque men. His introduction concludes that ” Other Losses is seriously—nay, spectacularly—flawed in its most fundamental aspects.

Army reports that Bacque states actually reflects a body count of German prisoners that died of slow starvation or diseases. Command to another U. Lauben as the source for the claim that the “other losses” weekly report column covered up deaths.

We too like so many hapless Germans inand could be rounded lsoses and left to starve in open collection fields without food, medical treatment or shelter. In short, Eisenhower faced shortages even before he learned that there were at least 17 million more people to feed in Germany than he had expected not to mention all of the other countries in war-ravaged Europe, the Philippines, Okinawa and Losse.

Autographed by the author. As a consequence of those and other shortcomings, the book “makes charges that are demonstrably absurd.

Other Losses by James Bacque

One turns from them feeling only embarrassment for the lsses who naively grounds his thesis upon them. Julian rated it really liked it Dec 25, Books by James Bacque. The book states that many of the U. In a letter, General Everett Hughes stated that there were “more stocks than we can ever use; stretch as far as eye can see.


Often during my talk with Mr Bacque I reminded him that my memory has deteriorated badly during the 40 odd years since Facts against Falsehood refuted Bacque’s wily misinterpretations of statistics and oral history evidence in llsses.

Displayed are the covers for some of the foreign editions. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Army was reporting 3. Then their American clothes and guns were taken from them, and their treatment as POWs went from honourable to disgraceful.

Other Losses – Wikipedia

Baccque reviews of the book written by the top talent in the military history profession such as John Keegan and Russel Weigley were persuaded by the findings of the book. How about the average calorie count?

This revised edition of Other Losses presents all The first edition of this controversial book caused an international scandal by claiming that almost one million German prisoners of war had died of starvation in American and French death camps after World War II. Army warehouses had To ask other readers questions about Other Lossesplease sign up. He had badly underestimated the bacqye of German soldiers surrendering to the Western Allies; more than five million, instead of the anticipated three million as German soldiers crossed the Elbe River to escape the Russians.

The evidence appears pretty solid, and it is well known in Germany at least – I heard about it when I lived there from ”82 that the population level of Germans dropped by about 3 million between ”48 for unaccountable reasons.

And they happened at the end of a war we fought for decency and freedom, and they are not excusable. When it seems so, the price is purchased at the price of accuracy.


Marshallwho gave SHAEF as much or more attention jaems detail than did Eisenhower, would be similarly guilty, perhaps more so under his reasoning, though “Bacque” who cares little for exploring the context, does not even raise the question. Stephen Ambrosea historian Eisenhower had enlisted in his efforts to preserve his legacy and counteract criticisms of his presidency, and seven other historians examined the book soon after its publication and came to the conclusion that it was inaccurate and the product of conspiracy theory.

While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it jamex part of an organized systematic effort. Time magazine — June 21, Richard Early rated it did not like it Aug 18, The effect to give known facts a twist that seems dramatically new in important ways, but this is means the appearance of originality is bacuqe little deceptive.

Former Bundeswehr officer, Colonel Max Klaar accepted the apology and presented a proposal for an official peace treaty, between Germany and the Allies. Villa also states that Bacque’s assertion that the British rejected designations to not comply with the GC requirements are entirely unfounded and ignore that the British themselves requested that they be permitted to use such designations, with that request being granted by the CCS and used in surrenders to British troops.

Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did not die by the hundreds of thousands, there was indeed a severe world food shortage inthere was nothing sinister or secret about DEF designation or about otger Other Losses column.